July 25, 2024

Locals gathered in downtown Riverside Sept. 30 for the annual Vintage Flea Market Fiesta. Patrons displayed vintage items ranging from clothing to home decor, antiques, mixed handmade merchandise, bracelets paintings, necklaces and more to sell to Riverside residents in attendance.

Food, drinks and tote bags to carry purchases were provided as the crowd grew under the beaming sun.

Vendors hung fabric and used wooden signs to accentuate their items while others let their items speak for themselves.

Many California Baptist University students attended this annual event and said they came across a lot of intriguing items, such as barbwire figures, old- school vinyl records, coat racks on reclaimed wood and rusted boot jacks.

Hope Overeem, senior biology major, said the deals were affordable and emphasized how fun it can be discovering items.

“It’s just fun to hunt down different deals because there is a large variety of different things,” Overeem said. “It’s an escape from everyday, normal shopping.”

Overeem also said she enjoyed mixing different styles and patterns each vendor had and liked the opportunity to shop for items like antique door knobs, cassette tapes or record players.

“It’s cool to get things you never saw before or get things you don’t usually get,” Overeem said.

The “Flea-esta” was the perfect place for bargain shoppers who are into classic styles that are not always sold in stores.

One vendor, Joy Haven, displayed many great pieces that created a peaceful environment to which visitors seemed drawn.

Joy Haven’s merchandise included plants, signs, vintage wear, glass, wood and washboards. Their stand was decorated with soft colors and a neutral aesthetic. The presence of cacti and flowers helped to set the ambiance.

Zoe Joy, co-owner and designer of the company, said she and her husband started Joy Haven together. Between the two, they create all the pieces for sale.

“My personal inspiration comes from my grandmother, a collector of antiques,” Joy said. “My husband’s father always talks about legacy, so we basically wanted to marry those two concepts and that’s how the Joy Haven was born.”

Faith Jaennette, freshman music major, said her experience at the Vintage flea Market Fiesta was great because of the many handmade items and retro styles.

“It’s fun to look at things that you don’t always find in the stores,” Jeannette said. “I like looking at clothes that have more of an old style.”

Many different vendors came out to display their artwork making it enticing for attendees to browse through all the booths and even buy some items.

The annual “Flea-esta” adds a fiesta kinda of feel because of a combination of prints, patterns and styles with a dash of music and food.

the event is expected to return next September

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