Instagram likes do not equate to beauty

Nina Sophia

There are currently 77.6 million active users on Instagram, and among those accounts are Instagram models, influencers and celebrities.

Among the top followed accounts are Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian and Nicki Minaj.

If one were to look up a picture of these public figures a few years back, the comparison would shock some. With each new trend or rising celebrity comes new beauty standards that challenge previous ones. The bar continues to rise higher and higher as the new skinny becomes skinnier and the idea of perfection becomes more and more ridiculous.

With this uphill climb for social media comes a downfall of self-confidence for many media users. Celebrities, such as the Kardashians or other models and influencers, are setting the bar, which means the average person is more likely to feel insecure in comparison.

When fans and followers attempt to imitate skincare or makeup routines, workouts and diets, they inevitably end up falling short. What these celebrities and influencers typically aren’t sharing is the long list of surgeries, hundred-dollar facials or other expensive enhancements and modifications they undergo to present this image of perfection set by society’s standard.

This is problematic because it puts regular, everyday people in a difficult position. Celebrity beauty standards are unrealistic but presented as obtainable when, in reality, they are not. Regular people working 9-5 jobs cannot always afford to put their hard-earned money toward maintaining a perfect image.

Whether or not people realize it or not, social media has the power to impact one’s self-esteem or confidence. It is important to remember the lives of these celebrities and influencers are not those of the average person. 

Remember this: It is quite literally their job to look good. I am not a model and probably will never be one.

When getting ready each day, it is important to remember that my beauty is not defined by the same standards as Instagram models. I am not getting paid to look perfect; I am getting paid to write opinion pieces and edit The Banner.

While it is easy to get caught up in the latest trends, it is important we do not let the beauty standards of “Insta-famous” celebrities dictate our self-worth. Confidence comes from within and should not be measured on the same scale as a Kardashian.

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