Immigrants are people, too

Sienna Darula

Coming off of the recent government shutdown, which ended Jan. 25, immigration and border control have been common topics in the news. It is no secret that President Donald J. Trump has been advocating for a border wall between the United States and Mexico since his presidential campaign began.

He declared a national emergency to build the wall after failing to convince Congress to support it after the shutdown ended. Though some states are pushing to stop the wall from being built, it is a possibility.

However, one of the major issues regarding the campaign for a border wall is the hasty generalizations made against those camped on the other side.

They have been called human traffickers, rapists and criminals. They have been generalized as members of gangs and drug cartels. During his televised Rose Garden news conference, Trump described migrants from Central America, passing through Mexico, as an “invasion” seven times.

It is unfair to use this kind of language to generally describe a group of migrants. There are many people trying to cross the border for a variety of reasons; not all of them have poor intentions.

Though there is crime across the border, that does not mean everyone traveling from the south is plotting against us. Generalizing about people usually does not end well, especially when it involves harsh language and accusations.

We need to remember that people are people and they deserve respect. Yes, we need to deal with our immigration issue. However, we cannot just lock everyone out and call them criminals. 

Trump is stretching the truth to promote his own agenda, but it is not fair to make sweeping accusations when each person has a story to tell.

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