February 24, 2024

Many students at California Baptist University recall what it was like to be a high school senior and the tough decision they faced to select a college to attend after graduation. The new year is just around the corner, which means incoming freshmen are starting to scout potential options.

CBU and student leadership aid in this search by giving soon-to-be high school graduates the opportunity to visit CBU to check out the campus with “24 at CBU,” a 24-hour, day-in-the-life experience.

“24 at CBU” gives potential CBU students a more in-depth look at campus life than the average college tour.

Nichole Sporcich, junior marketing major and event intern for “24 at CBU,” said this immersive method allows high school seniors to see what four years at CBU would look like.

“We provide them with a way to sit in on a class and sit in on Chapel, and they are able to stay the night with students. We also provide them with a late-night event and try to expose them to the culture we have here and get them excited about coming to CBU,” Sporcich said.

The late-night events include a scavenger hunt. This gives the students a chance to bond and get familiar with the campus.

Alexis Johnson, event intern and senior nursing major, was also a leader for the scavenger hunt and explained how the staff developed a mobile app that the students use to complete missions for the scavenger hunt.

“It’s an app that we create and they get to pair up in groups of about 15 and have a leader go with them. All of the missions are on the app and you have to, for instance, go to the largest tree on campus and do ‘Ring Around the Rosie,’” Johnson said.

Johnson also said CBU gives out CBU swag as prizes.

“You get so many points for each mission you complete and then whoever gets the most points gets this super-cool Adidas branded backpack,” Johnson said.

Johnson said one of the reasons she enrolled at CBU was because she stayed for “24 at CBU.” Johnson said students enjoy the event so much that the university has a 50 percent enrollment rate, with one out of two students applying after spending the night on campus.

Amanda Gann, junior biomedical engineering major, has been a host for “24 at CBU” and said helping the students is a fulfilling duty.

“Being able to share my experience with them and help (with) their questions was the best part for me. I love CBU, so I love to share with them why it’s such a great school and all of the great opportunities and events CBU offers,” Gann said.

Gann also agreed the immersion is the greatest benefit students get from the event.

“They get to be immersed in the culture of CBU they might be a part of for the next four years,” Gann said.

Not only is “24 at CBU” an event for prospective students, but it is an event that current students can benefit from by hosting.

“Hosting was a great experience. It’s such a cool opportunity to be able to show prospective new students how great CBU is and why I love CBU,” Gann said.

The most recent “24 at CBU” event was Oct. 21, but the next event will run from Nov. 13 at 4 p.m. to Nov. 14 at 3:30 p.m. The event will include School of Music auditions, food, social events and more. 

Graduating high school seniors and CBU students interested in hosting prospective students can learn more about “24 at CBU” at calbaptist.edu/admissions/undergraduate/visit/visiting-campus.

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