March 28, 2023

There is a club for just about everything at California Baptist University, from a Disney Club, to a Biology Club, to an Art Therapy Club. With over 75 clubs on campus, students are able to explore all their options during CBU’s Club Fair.

CBU hosted the Spring 2020 Club Fair on Jan. 24 in Stamps Courtyard. Joshua Daily, program coordinator for clubs and events, said that the Club Fair provides an opportunity for groups to showcase and promote their clubs and to help students get involved.

“My favorite part of the Club Fair is seeing students interact with one another. It’s interesting to see blank sign-up sheets at the beginning and then see two or three full sign up sheets by the end of the event. I love seeing the large number of people on our campus who want to get involved,” Daily said.

Daily explained there is a special opportunity for commuters at the Club Fair. If commuters contact five clubs at the event and visit their booths, they receive a free meal at the Alumni Dining Commons. Commuters who don’t have a meal plan have a chance to not only get involved but to also save money while doing it.

Samantha Antinucci, sophomore liberal studies major, said she has experienced many challenges while trying to get involved at CBU because she is a commuter and is only on campus three days a week.

“The club fair was exactly what I needed to get involved on campus. There were organizations that were perfect for me and I didn’t even know they existed. I was able to meet new people with similar interests as me, and all I had to do was show up,” Antinucci said.

It can be difficult for students to step out of their comfort zones and seek out campus organizations that interest them; at the Club Fair, the clubs will come to them.

Deanna Alarcon, senior marketing major, is a member of the executive board for the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, also known as SAAC. This club has a maximum of two members from every sports team on campus, and any student-athlete is eligible to become a member. Alarcon, who represents the softball team, explained that the Club Fair is the perfect way for SAAC to advertise their club.

“The purpose of this club is to keep student-athletes informed of DI teams in the NCAA. At the Club Fair, students have the opportunity to volunteer and sign up for this club, and find out more information on sports teams. This is also a perfect way for us to promote sports games on campus,” Alarcon said.

The Club Fair takes place once at the beginning of every semester in Stamps Courtyard. It allows students to discover options available to them on campus, and it allows them to make friends while doing it.

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