March 24, 2023

The Spring 2020 semester has brought withmany new transfers. For a spring transfer, it can be nerve-racking to be at a new school. 

There are, however, many ways to get plugged into  campus events and meet students who can become lifelong friends. From joining different clubs offered to attending sporting events, California Baptist University is full of ways to make any new student feel right at home.

Joshua Hernandez, senior computer science major, transferred to CBU in the spring of 2018. He recalls his transfer experience as “different” than others as a result of being a late admissions student and wondering if he would even get into the school. 

CBU had also been a bigger campus than his previous community college, making it more difficult to navigate. Not knowing where all the buildings and offices are can make the campus seem larger than it actually is.

“I walked around campus to make sure I knew where I was going, which I highly recommend. Just walking around campus and figuring out where your classes are before school starts,” Hernandez said.

Taking the day before classes to start to walk around and learn the layout is one way to become more familiar with the school. This way,  the first day of the semester will seem less intimidating.

Kyle Jordan, senior exercise science major, transferred to CBU in the spring of 2018, as well. Jordan recalls his first week of classes as “going with the flow.” He attended the first basketball game as a way to get connected and speaks highly of going to  events to meet new people.

Hernandez and Jordan met each other at a campus coffee event through FYE (First Year Experience), then called FOCUS (First-year Orientation to Christian University Success), and have been great friends ever since. Leaders of FYE were there to help their students adjust to new college life.

“It was nice to have people who genuinely cared,” Jordan said. “They also went beyond the timesheet and just made you feel like you were part of the community.”

Nights such as these, full of friends and connections, is what drove Jordan to become an FYE leader. Those who have had positive experiences with their leaders are driven to help lead others, as well.

Rachel Lightenberg, undergraduate admissions counselor, strongly agrees getting plugged in with campus events is the best way for spring transfer students to get involved and make friends.

“You won’t be here a long time. If there is something you want to be a part of or take a chance on, do it,” Lightenberg said.

Being a transfer student is a different experience than starting at CBU as a first-time freshman. Each person has a different college experience and different story. 

Sharing these stories with others can create friendships and bonds that last longer than the years spent at CBU.

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