May 25, 2024

Travel is often on the hearts of young adults, driving within them a deep desire to see God’s creation. Traveling and seeing the world God created is a great way to appreciate the diversity of creation.

Adriana Herrera, senior psychology and sociology major, has traveled to places both within the United States and abroad. These travels included Mexico, Spain, Africa and others. Herrera said each time she traveled it impacted her in different ways.

“When I traveled to Mexico and went deep sea fishing, it separated me from everyone and everything. I just looked at the ocean and it amazed me,” Herrera said. “I was in awe to think that the same God that created that beautiful creation,created me.”

Tony Isaac, senior global community science major, said he enjoys all of his travels, whether within the United States or out of it. Isaac said experiencing that of different cultures, such as the Philippines, has made him more humble when it comes to his outlook on the world.

“I definitely would recommend traveling to students, especially,” Isaac said. “We’re young. We don’t know what’s up until we see the world. We especially don’t know what’s up unless we see the rest of God’s kingdom.”

Jennifer Tronti, assistant professor of English, teaches  writing and English courses at California Baptist University. Her travels have allowed her to meet many different people from a diverse collection of countries. Tronti said each new place has become a beautiful memory she is able to share.

“Traveling forces us out of our routines; it forces us to exercise our internal resources,” Tronti said. “If students travel with an openness of heart and mind, then they will have the opportunity to have fresh encounters with God’s goodness and grace. Traveling can teach us patience and humility as much as it can teach us to be resourceful and independent.”

Students are at a unique period in their lives where they can travel freely and open their hearts and minds. CBU has many opportunities for students to travel including International Service Projects and study abroad programs.

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