June 16, 2024

Recording artist and producer Kevin Parker, better known by his project Tame Impala, released his latest album “The Slow Rush” on Feb. 14. This album is the fourth official studio album from Tame Impala and features influence from Kanye West, as well as a variety of other artists and genres.

Since the release of “Currents” in 2015, Tame Impala has made an impact in the world of indie and rock music with an artful combination of a variety of musical styles.

However, while “Currents” was a bold step into the world of multiple musical genres, “The Slow Rush” seems to play it safer than previous albums and does not test the waters as much as “Currents” or “Lonerism” did years before.

Despite this, “The Slow Rush” still has multiple songs that display Parker’s skilled lyrical work, but several of them miss this opportunity and cause the album as a whole to fall somewhat flat.

“Borderline, “Is It True” and “One More Year” stand out both lyrically and melodically, putting the full potential of the album on display, while other songs fade completely into the background and are nothing remarkable.

This does not mean the whole album suffers the same fate as these forgotten songs and there are undoubtedly bright spots on “The Slow Rush.”

One of the strongest elements of the entire album is the powerful and compelling lyrics and skillful way with words that Parker displays through emotive writing.

While Parker’s prowess as a producer is still here, the downfall of the album lies in the inability to differentiate one song from the next; the creative lyrics are lost in the white noise of electronic-pop.

“The Slow Rush” has so much potential, and with previous albums Tame Impala has demonstrated Parker’s ability to create memorable music, which is why it is surprising and a little disappointing that “The Slow Rush” fails to live up to expectations.

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