Lifestyle Tries: Quote Strings

Sophie Gravitt | Banner | The completed DIY project, the quote strings hung up on the wall with flowers in between each row.

During this time of quarantine, many students are probably spending a lot of time in their rooms. For students with a blank wall, nothing to fill it, an empty wallet and tons of time their hands, Lifestyle Tries is here to help students spice up their rooms in a cheap, easy way.

Supplies needed: a list of your favorite quotes, small index cards of any color or size, writing utensils, tape, dried flowers (optional) and string, yarn or rope. All of these supplies should be easy to find around the house.

Step 1: Collect a stack of index cards. Index cards can be any size or color, and crafters can use as many as they want depending on the size they want to fill up or how many quotes they want to display.

Step 2: Collect a list of memorable quotes to display on a wall. Goodreads ( is a helpful website that generates a list of popular quotes after entering the title of a book or an author in the search bar.

Step 3: Write quotes on the index cards in any color or print. Pinterest is a helpful source to find various fonts for inspiration. If typing and printing the index cards is preferable, create a table on a word document and type each quote, print out the document and cut out each square.

Step 4: Lay out index cards face down on the floor in vertical lines, spaced out according to preference. The number of index cards on each string can also vary according to preference or the length of the wall.

Sofia Gravitt Sophie Gravitt | Banner | First spread out the index cards with the quotes and taped the string to each line of cards. These display how to complete steps 4 & 5 in the article. Two rows of index cards are flipped over so that you can see the front and the back.

Quote strings are a great DIY way for students to fill up a space on the wall in a creative, personal way. Students can most likely complete this quickly with supplies they already have in their homes.

Step 5: Lay the string, or whatever item is being used to hang the index cards, along the lines of index cards. Make sure there is extra string on the top of the first index card. Take a piece of tape and place it on the back of each index card and on top of the string. Make sure the tape is flat and secure.

Step 6: After each index card is taped, begin hanging the strings on the wall. Use a push pin or another piece of tape to secure the top of the string on the wall. Arrange strings in any order or spacing desired. Continue with each line of cards.

Once the last string is hung on the wall, the project is complete. Another optional step is to pin dried flower leaves or any other decoration at the top of each string or around the index cards.

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