June 19, 2024

Social media challenges have been spreading like wildfire because of the mandatory stay-at-home orders Americans have been experiencing for a month and a half now in response to COVID-19. While self-quarantine may make some people feel like they are going insane, some of these social media challenges have been helping students at California Baptist University stay connected from home.

The COVID-19 social media challenges including bingo boards, template memes, quarantine memes, until tomorrow, and Tik Tok videos are being used a lot more frequently because of the restrictions on regular activities that many are experiencing.

Will Anton, a sophomore psychology and entrepreneurship double major and junior representative for ASCBU for the upcoming year, said the challenges have been a positive activity.

“The challenges are very helpful,” Anton said. “Keep them coming.”

Anton also praised CBU for its increased social media presence.

“CBU is doing a good job and this is the best they can do with the current situation everyone is in,” Anton said.

While some students fear they may lose touch with others before this quarantine is over, these social media challenges prove otherwise. The challenges provide a new opportunity for people to grow as a community.

Jacob Huang, assistant professor of sociology, shared how COVID-19 is uniting people despite their differences.

“COVID-19 displays conflicts between economics and public health. The economy reflects the quality of life, while the public health of people reflects the essentials of life,” Huang said. “I put my hope in isolation and pray that the virus does not spread to others.”

Some companies have been using social media challenges for branding and marketing, as well.
Despite this tough time, students can use challenges for some entertainment and can use this time in other ways, whether to learn new hobbies or skills or take time for self-care.

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