April 20, 2024

Netflix’s latest hit limited series has been extremely successful — partly because of the excessive amounts of time that individuals now have to binge shows and partly due to the addictive nature of the show. “Tiger King” (2020) is a true crime documentary series that chronicles the pure chaos of the exotic animal zoo industry.

The main protagonist of “Tiger King” is the explosive personality Joe Exotic, former owner of the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park in Garvin County, Okla. Throughout the entire show, Joe Exotic remains just as eccentric and intriguing a character as he was in the first episode.

The show also follows several other characters involved in the exotic animal industry who are just as intriguing and unbelievable as Exotic. The combination of a fascinating and a less well-known subject with complex characters creates a recipe for a show that is addictive within the first 15 minutes.

However, while “Tiger King” is without a doubt a gripping and outrageous story with equally captivating characters, this does not mean that it is easy to completely overlook the darker side of the show.

With the main focus being on the eccentric and nearly unbelievable stars of the show, it is almost as though the victims of the industry fade into the background as the focus of the majority of the show is instead on the villains.

With virtually no likable characters on “Tiger King,” fascinating as the show is, viewers may find themselves lost without anyone to truly root for or champion, with the exception perhaps of the many exotic animals who are shown being held in captivity.

While “Tiger King” is a binge-worthy show that will undoubtedly hold the viewer’s attention for the entirety of all 7 episodes, it leaves the real issues of animal abuse and exotic animal captivity unresolved. With most of the focus being on the circus of bizarre people throughout the show, it is a recipe for entertainment, but not much else.

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