June 23, 2024

The California Baptist University Recreation Center is hosting a hike Sept. 12 at the Deer Springs Trailhead.

Students were able to sign up to participate on Sept. 3. There were 10 spots available.

The event is one of the first to be hosted during the Fall 2020 school year amid the COVID-19 pandemic, so the Recreation Center is taking steps to ensure that students stay safe.

Karen Ruiz, outdoor adventure program coordinator, said students are expected to follow these rules.

“We are making masks mandatory for the duration of the trip as well as following social distancing guidelines,” Ruiz said. “We are having students drive themselves to the trailhead.”

Ruiz said the trip is a way that students can enjoy nature safely during this time.

“It was planned to try to engage the CBU community and provide an opportunity where students can meet each other in a safe way,” Ruiz said.

Luc Stringer | CBU Banner Photo Illustration by Elijah Hickman | Banner | Student hikes in the blistering California heat.

Marisa Norheim, sophomore Christian behavioral science major, said she signed up to enjoy beautiful views and to meet other students.

“It seemed like a really fun trip,” Norheim said. “We get to go outside and do a cool hike, and it is a good opportunity to meet new people.”

James Ibanez, freshman undeclared major, is an active hiker who said he wanted to explore new  places.

“I wanted to get outside and explore the area more,” Ibanez said. “I have been in the San Jacinto mountain range area, but I had never done any of the other hikes around there.”

Although sign-ups are now closed, the recreation center is planning to host other events.

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