June 13, 2024

AMC Theatres began its staggered reopening on Aug. 20 in multiple different states across the country by offering 15-cent movies on opening day.

The national movie theater chain announced in August that it would begin opening some of the  locations following state and local guidelines.

Theatres nationwide closed up all business in order to comply with the stay at home order instated by the United States government. 

During the last six months, many theaters have been at risk of permanently shutting down due to COVID-19 conditions and restricitons on indoor businesses operations. 

With the absence of movie theatres films have been releasing through streaming platforms like Universal Studios “Trolls World Tour” This successful move jeopardized the theatre industry immensely. Theater chains now have the chance to win back customers.

Included in the announcement, was the 100th Anniversary Celebration “Movies in 2020 at 1920 Prices.” which offered enticing 15-cent movie tickets to customers on opening day, reflecting the price of a ticket in 1920.

Adam Aron, CEO and president of AMC Theatres emphasized this opporutnity in a press release. 

 “We are thrilled to once again open our doors to American moviegoers who are looking for an opportunity to get out of their houses and apartments and escape into the magic of the movies. As our guests return on our first day of resumed operations on Aug. 20, we invite them to join us in celebrating a return to the movies, and in celebrating 100 years of AMC making smiles happen with movies at 1920 prices of only 15 cents each,” Aron said.

With the serious risk and potential impact of COVID-19, some may argue that the price point is not enough of a motivation to potentially jeopardize one’s health.

“I don’t think this price point will be a sufficient incentive for most customers,” said Natalie Winter, professor of marketing. “I also think it may diminish the value of the brand in the customers’ minds. So even if it works as a short-term incentive, it may have long-term negative effects.”

With young adults and teenagers more than ready to have a sense of normality after a disappointing summer, it begs the question of whether they will visit theaters because the low prices alone.

“Depending on their social distancing requirements, possibly yes,” said Kristin Thoroddsen, junior studio production major. “I would be a little worried about the influx of people taking advantage of this 15 cent deal.”

Kevin Zelaya, junior engineering major, said he is looking forward to seeing movies on the big screen again.

“I am more than ready to enjoy the movie theatre experience again. Especially now that I can afford popcorn with the discount,” Zelaya said.

With the announcement of reopening came the launch of “AMC Safe & Clean,” a campaign that featured new policies and, procedures in making guests health and safety the theatre chain’s top priority. 

Some of the procedures enforced are social distancing signs and reminders, mandatory masks for all guests and crews and a 40% capacity rule for each theater. The efforts taken by AMC do not just stop with new rules for guests.

Employees will now be following an entirely new system of cleaning the theaters between each new showing. Both Electrostatic Disinfectant Sprayers and HEPA filter vacuums will be used regularly throughout the day to kill any airborne germs or particles. On top of that, their theaters have been updated with new MERV Air Filters in an effort to provide superior air quality for guests.

As movie theaters start to reopen around the country, people are showing up and purchasing tickets. AMC Theatres announced Sept. 1 that they plan for 70% of its theaters to be open by Labor Day in the United States.

The hope can only be that this reopening plan sends America in a positive direction and not a negative one.

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