June 13, 2024

Fall is approaching and what better way to decorate than with a harvest Fall floral wreath! Created by Drew Scott, the full video can be found on Michael’s website: youtube.com/watch?v+15_6zD-Ca44. 

Visit your local craft store to fun supplies in their fall section. Get ready to bring Fall 2020 to your living space!

Supplies needed: 14in brass ring, fall florals, gold wire, hot glue, scissors, wire cutters, string or yarn.

Step one: Chose which florals/stems you want to go towards the outside of the ring. For this project, we will be working from the outside in, so it is recommended to save the bigger florals for the inside.

Step two: Place your first florals and stems on the ring to find the placement you desire. The entire ring does not have to be covered in décor if you prefer to have the look of part of the ring showing.

Step three: Use the hot glue to glue your first pieces down. Once dry, take the gold wire and wrap it around the part you glued. This will help make sure it stays secure to the ring.

Step 4: Begin to work your way inward, placing your florals where you want. Continue to use the hot glue and gold wire once it is dry. Layer pieces as desired.

Step 5: Once finished, use the string or yarn to create a loop so it can be hung.

Your fall wreath is done! This wreath can be hung on your door or in any other area of your  space. Bring in fall with this amazing DIY piece.

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