March 24, 2023

Working while attending California Baptist University is not uncommon. While having a job and attending college is something many students do, it is not always easy to balance the demand of each. It can be hard to find the correct way to accomplish both.

Mariah Mooring, senior creative writing major, works at The Grove Community Church. For two and a half years she has worked in the Children’s Ministry Department. Mooring said she has found it difficult to balance both because of the time required of each.

“Balancing work and school can be a real challenge, especially when the school requires more hours outside of class time,” Mooring said. “What I find to be one of the most challenging aspects is completing school work on time, as it is something that often comes at the end of the day for me.”

Completing schoolwork can be a difficult task to accomplish while working a job. Even still, Mooring can succeed at both by setting herself on a schedule that incorporates both.

“Block out your time each day,” said Mooring. “Have a schedule and stick to it, but remember to give yourself breaks and time for the things and people you love. Working while being in school is a challenge, but it can teach you time management skills and you will already have work experience when you finish your degree and enter the workforce full time.”

Samantha Emerick, senior marketing and international business major, works two jobs while attending CBU. She has worked at Disneyland for a year and a half and has recently started a job at Molinos Coffee in downtown Riverside. Emerick said she has also felt the demand which comes with 

“Before the pandemic, I would try to take both hybrid and online courses,” Emerick said. “It allowed me more free time for work, but also allowed me to socialize. However, this semester I honestly feel a bit more cluttered for the reason that schedules don’t always align, and sometimes random events occur, causing conflict.”

While it would seem all classes being online would leave more room for free time, this is not always the case. This semester brings with it more difficult and this can make students feel more stressed and more discouraged. Emerick has since found useful ways to manage her time and is here to share it with her fellow Lancers.

“To all the students at CBU, I really recommend obtaining a planner,” Emerick said. “Color code it, love it, cherish it. It will be your absolute best friend. Also, just have fun with it. Life is always going to be stressful whether you are in school or not; just trust yourself. Make sure to take mental health days, juggling both work and school will definitely test your strength. Push through and take time for yourself.”

Mike Bishop, senior director of the Career Center, has worked in this position for seven and a half years. Bishop said the mission of the Career Center is to help prepare students to identify and then engage in their chosen career. He said he is here to help students achieve these goals alongside his faculty members. Bishop also said 70% of students report time management as a key issue during their time at CBU and that those who have calendars to keep track of the obligations can meet this struggle head-on.

“Students that seem to get ahead of this time management issue have developed systems as simple as having a whiteboard that calendars and prioritizes their schedules and activities. Or they have a planner that they carry with them to do the same,” Bishop said. While Bishop agrees balancing both is quite the struggle, he has advice for students which can help. This includes making sure to get the amount of rest needed while maintaining a healthy diet, finding time for yourself to sort out how each day is going and reaching out to professors and peers to help improve performance.

Making an effort to balance school and work can be hard, but it is not impossible. Taking the advice of Mooring and Emerick can help students be successful at both. Scheduling your days and times leads to a  better semester and even better college experience.

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