May 23, 2024

Intramural sports are different this semester compared to past years with new safety precautions and different sports.

Some of the intramural sports that are taking place are spikeball, soccer-tennis, a basketball skills competition, badminton, pickleball and ping-pong. This semester, all intramural sports are single-day events so students can fit it easily into their schedule.

For students who are off-campus, the school is offering a National Football League Pick ‘EM League, a virtual run and an E-sports league. The details are on the Recreation Center’s Instagram, @cburecreation.

The Recreation Center is taking precautions to ensure safety. For example, spectators are not allowed and only people participating in the activity can attend. The Recreation Center is also taking players’ temperatures, requiring masks and enforcing social distancing at events. Sanitation is required between games, and each person or team may bring their own equipment.

“We would like everyone to participate in whatever level they feel comfortable in,” said Marnie Kavern, intramural coordinator. “Make sure to follow us on Instagram @cburecreation for all the upcoming programming.”

Joshua Bigley, senior mechanical engineering major, participated in the spikeball tournament that took place on Sept. 7.

“This year, intramurals are different as they are following CBU’s guidelines by (requiring players to) stay six feet apart, requiring masks and cleaning equipment,” Bigley said. “Obviously you cannot play a lot of sports and stay six feet apart, but they are trying to keep intramurals by finding sports that do allow us to follow the guidelines.”

Michaela Dunn, junior engineering major, participated in the soccer intramurals last year. She enjoyed participating because she was able to connect with other students.

“I am not on campus this semester so I, unfortunately, can not participate in intramurals in person,” Dunn said. “However, I really love that they are still having intramurals. I think it is awesome that they have virtual intramurals as well because that is allowing everyone to get connected no matter where they are.”

Upcoming intramurals in October include tennis, badminton, pickleball and pingpong.

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