June 16, 2024

The California Baptist University Athletics department works hard to ensure the safety and health of their athletes during the COVID-19 pandemic by testing and enforcing safety precautions so athletes can train and improve their performance.

COVID-19 has made it especially hard for the athletic department and student-athletes at CBU when it comes to the extensive training and practices.

Ronald Prettyman, Interim Director of Athletics, said how important it is for students to stay healthy during this time.

“It is vital that our California Baptist University family stays fit and works to achieve a healthy mind, body and spirit,” Prettyman said. “Our campus lends itself to the opportunity to grow in each of these areas. As we exercise our love of learning, exercise our physical body and exercise our spiritual growth, we must all stay disciplined to continue to strive towards our personal goals.”

Timothy Clark, assistant athletic director for Sports Medicine and Athletic Training, described the extensive testing and hard work the athletic trainers are putting in to ensure student-athletes health and safety are the priority.

“When the student-athletes first arrived on campus they were being tested once per week,” Clark said. “Now that we have gone through a few testing cycles, the student-athletes get tested every 2 weeks.”

Clark said the purpose of the new safety measures are to keep student-athletes safe and healthy.

“The main objective is trying to keep the student-athletes focused on staying in shape and being ready to go whenever we are allowed to compete,” said Clark. We are all thankful that we are still able to do our jobs during this time of unknowns.”

Students who regularly engage in physical exercise have had to adapt to these changes as well as student-athletes.

Allen Fletcher, senior film production major and former CBU athlete, balances classes while staying physically active without access to gyms.

“It’s definitely been a challenge trying to stay fit when gyms have been closed,” Fletcher said. “When the gyms closed I just resorted back to running along with some in-home conditioning. I get up around 8-8:30 before my classes and do a short 10-minute ab workout and/or go for a 2-5 mile run.”

Timothy Clark said the faculty and staff are here to help students 

“We are all in this together, and we will get through this together,” Clark said. “Do not be afraid to reach out for help. Every staff, faculty, and administrator on campus are here for you.”

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