CBS all access to rebrand as Paramount Plus next year

Courtesy of CBS All Access

The streaming platform CBS All Access is getting a total rebranding heading into early 2021, renaming the service Paramount Plus.

The parent company, ViacomCBS, announced that the streaming service division would be going through a total rebranding to compete with other streaming platforms that have become more popular such as Disney+, Netfix, and Hulu.

Bob Bakish, ViacomCBS CEO, said the company is making changes during the companies quarter earnings call.

“We’re accelerating our plans for an expanded subscription service, building off CBS All Access, with major changes coming this summer,” Bakish said. “As we track towards the rebrand and relaunch of a transformed product, we are full speed ahead on streaming.”

With the redirection to CBS’s sister company Paramount, an entire overhaul of the platform will be featured on the current service. 

Along with the new look, comes the addition of more than 30,000 episodes from numerous ViacomCBS networks. Included in this list are hit shows from MTV, Nickelodeon, BET and Comedy Central. 

In addition to the library of network content, the company plans on focusing on creating original series and movies for streamers. CBS All Access currently features a select amount of original content including The Good Fight, Star Trek Discovery and The Twilight Zone.

Focusing on original content will allow the streamer to try to compete with some big competitors such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, and HBO MAX. 

To attract sports fans, the streaming platform will also feature games from the leagues NCAA, NFL and PGA for its paid subscribers. 

California Baptist University students showed mixed reviews on whether the rebranded streamer will succeed. 

Kristin Thoroddsen, junior commercial music major, said she would not be subscribing in 2021. 

“I don’t have the budget to add another streaming service,” Thoroddsen said. “I am content with my subscriptions at this time. For that reason, I probably still wouldn’t subscribe.”

Tyler Doench, junior marketing major, said he thinks the rebrand will be a success for the company.

“With them adding a lot of content from a variety of already known entertainment companies will bring in a bigger audience,” Doench said. 

Bakish closed the announcement saying that the streaming service provides everything a streamer may want in entertainment. 

“Audiences want entertainment on demand and news, sports and live events,” Bakish said. “We’ll be the service that gives them what they want, how they want it, all in one place and at a great value. This will be a compelling foundational service for some and differentiated complement for others.”

The future of Paramount Plus looks as it has a lot of potential as plans move forward with a variety of beloved and original content ready for viewers to stream in 2021.

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