October 1, 2023

Jackintheyellow is a local musician who is also a student at California Baptist University. Jackintheyellow has come a long way since the release of his debut album “The Story of Jack” in early 2020. Since the album, Jackintheyellow has released three singles. These singles show incredible improvement and development of the artist’s personal sound, skill, and confidence in his own unique style and feeling that Jackintheyellow brings to the listener with his music. One of beautiful melodies, countless layers and sounds the listener has never heard before.

Jackintheyellow’s first album is of great quality and the musical maturity and ability to tell a story with his music are evident to the listener. However, with the progression of these latest singles, these songs are on another level. The quality, completeness and personal sound have grown exponentially with every release.

The first one of these singles, “Sweetheart” was released on Mar. 31. This single was unexpected and shows the most dramatic improvement and quality from his past work. The song gives the listener an entirely different feeling than his previous album while still keeping the unique sound that Jackintheyellow has created for himself.

This song was the most successful release for Jackintheyellow at the time of the release, surpassing his past most played song by thousands within weeks of the release. This song goes along with Jackintheyellow’s style of telling a story through his music but at the same time passing a personal barrier for listeners, letting them adapt their own experiences and situations to the words.

The second single, ”Violin” was released on May 17. This single seemed to push Jackintheyellow’s abilities and was a testament to the skill and versatility that the artist is capable of. This single is simultaneously the most beautiful feeling as well as the most beat-based song that Jackintheyellow has released. Much of the artist’s lyrics include metaphors and wordplay and in this single, this is most prevalent.

This single also takes the listener on a journey with the sound. It starts slow then gradually becoming more upbeat, then slower and more beautiful than before, ending with an upbeat sound. This creates a really intriguing and sound and feeling that hooks the listener through the whole track. This song was also the most successful release for Jackintheyellow at the time of this release. Streams for this release surpassed streams for his first single, “Sweetheart” within weeks as well.

The third and latest single by Jackintheyellow; Upside Down was released on July 1. Keeping with the trend of each of the previous singles, this single has become the most successful release for Jackintheyellow yet. The song has a great sound and story behind it with many harmonic layers. This is the artist’s first song to hit 10,000  streams. With the exponential success of each single and the clear improvement of skill and personal sound development with each one, this is no surprise. 

It will be exciting to see where Jackintheyellow goes from here. Listeners may wonder if he will continue to grow exponentially grwith each release. These latest three singles seem to suggest so. These songs can be found on all streaming platforms along with Jackintheyellow’s first album. Look out for more releases form Jackintheyellow. These three singles could be just the beginning.

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