July 25, 2024

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art announced on Jan. 15 that it would begin a new partnership with Riverside Art Museum in hopes of sharing 21st-century art with audiences across Southern California.

Starting in 2021, The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) announced its brand-new partnership with four art institutions located in the Southern California area. One of the featured museums in this partnership is local to California Baptist University, the Riverside Art Museum. 

Along with the Riverside Art Museum, three other institutes are involved in the partnership: California State University, Northridge, Art Galleries; Lancaster Museum of Art and History; and Vincent Price Art Museum at East Los Angeles College. 

The partnership was created by an almost $2 million grant by the Art Bridges + Terra Foundation Initiative. 

Michael Govan, Los Angeles County Museum of Art CEO and Wallis Annenberg director, explained this partnership and how it is going to change how the public sees “collaboration” when it comes to the art museums in a press release. 

“LACMA is working to redefine what ‘outreach’ and ‘collaboration’ mean for a 21st-century art museum…,” Govan said. “Over the next several years, we will share our collections and resources with partner institutions to spread exhibitions and programs beyond the museum’s Wilshire campus. LACMA has always aimed to serve the widest possible audience. The generous support of Art Bridges and the Terra Foundation for American Art offers an unprecedented opportunity to make our programming accessible throughout the region.” 

With this new partnership comes a new age for the city of Riverside, a city that is known for being a popular arts community. 

Students from California Baptist University’s College of Architecture, Visual Arts and Design offered their thoughts on how the new partnership could influence Riverside’s city and it’s art community and culture. 

“This will be a great influence on the city of Riverside,” said Caitlyn Rice, junior graphic design major. “Riverside is already so diverse in its culture and love for the arts, and I feel like many people will be able to appreciate this new addition.”

Justice Avendano, junior graphic design major, said he believes the partnership will have a positive effect on the Riverside community. 

“This influences riversides youth to be more creative in the arts field,” Avendano said. “Hopefully, the collaboration will bring in more resources for our museum to build a stronger foundation in the arts community.”

From now until 2024, the art institutions will showcase some of LACMA’s top exhibitions. The first exhibition will start its tour across Southern California this month. It will be making its way to the Riverside Art Museum starting this summer on June 5. 

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