February 21, 2024

David Wiebe, senior Mechanial Engineering major, talks to an employee from California Steel Industries about a potential job opportunity wth the company.

Internships are an ideal way for students to get hands-on exposure to the professional world. While internships may not always guarantee a position at a company, they certainly help to give students a boost into the “real world”. 

Students at CBU who are involved in internships, both through the school or provided by the school, are given an advantage when entering the job market.

Hudson Goegebuer, senior mechanical engineering major, believes that through diligent use and correspondence with the Career Center office, students can best choose which internship suits them.

“The Career Center has plenty of options for everyone to pursue,” Geogebuer said. “My personal experience with the office is that they really look out for all of us. Additionally, they have excellent connections, and loads of availability for networking.”

Students that have a year or less to graduation are oftentimes encouraged to find an internship. The Career Center is the main on-campus hub for all internship related needs and concerns. Countless alumni have found the job of their dreams by working with the Career Center to build a strong resume, polish their interviewing skills, and learn the invaluable lessons of professionalism.

The Career Center job and internship portal (found at https://calbaptist.edu/career-center/students/find-a-job-internship) contains useful advice regarding internships, as well as motivation for students to take initiative in pursuing one.

“The sooner you begin your job or internship search, the better,” said the Career Center Website. “Getting a job or internship while you’re in college is one of the best ways to figure out what to do once you graduate. Is your dream job actually a good fit for you? Or is another career better? Real-world experience can help you understand your likes and dislikes, passions and skills.”

Teo Harlan, senior general engineering major, said that internships are vital for students who wish to put their best foot forward when entering the professional world.

“Internships that are offered through CBU are important because they connect you with companies and people you might not otherwise get a chance to meet,” Harlan said. “I got my internship by going to CBU career fairs and interviewing as many different companies as I was able.”

The experience of having an internship provides students with skills and knowledge that prepare them for the road ahead. 

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