July 13, 2024

Vision boards are a great way for students to have a visual representation of what inspires them. Through vision boards, creativity can flow and goals can be made. Vision boards can be made on an actual board or can be made through the app Pinterest as a paperless, free option.

Board: Purchasing a corkboard from your local Target or Michaels is a good start. Tacks can also be purchased and are the best product to use to display pictures. The best way to create a vision board is for students to think of what inspires them. For photographers, this may be photoshoot ideas. For writers, it could be quotes. For architects, it can be building layouts. Displaying personal work, as well as work that is inspiring is a great way to spark creativity as well as show goals that are intended to be met. Bible verses are also a great addition for any vision board. This can help start the day off with positivity as well as serve as a reminder throughout the day of God’s promises.

Pinterest: Pinterest is a great idea for students who want a free app, and wish to remain paperless. Within the app, different “boards” can be made, which can give more depth and bring more visions to life. On Pinterest, students can either upload their own works or search for those which help to inspire them. Pinterest is a great way to find anything from art to business tips and different recipes. With such a broad spectrum for creativity, Pinterest is an efficient option for students to create a vision board that can constantly be with them on their phones.

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