April 20, 2024

Meal prepping is an effective way for students to not only eat healthily but also have a grasp on time management. For many students, a struggle of eating on campus can be the limited dining options that offer healthy foods. Meal prepping is cooking meals for the week, the weekend before. Doing this can ensure that there are healthy options in one’s fridge and offer a quick grab-and-go option for those who have classes, work or studying to do.

Molly Enns, senior marketing and integrated credential major, said she has been meal prepping for over seven months. She was inspired to do so because of her love for cooking and with the help of Pinterest, which showed her meal prepping ideas. A full-time student while also working a significant amount throughout the week, Enns found herself in need of quick and healthy meal options.

Making her meals on Sundays, Enns said she rotates through different recipes that contain carbohydrates, proteins and vegetables. She adds seasonings to meals throughout the week as she sees fit. Meal prepping has become a great way for Enns to ensure she chooses healthy meals over  fast food.

She also said she finds it is beneficial for time management, which can be helpful for students during this semester. Enns suggested that students use Pinterest to find meal prepping ideas. This way, students can make Pinterest boards full of different ideas and recipes which they will enjoy.

“Overall, meal prep is a really helpful tool to utilize if you don’t have a lot of free time,” Enns said. “It’s meant to decrease your amount of stress and things to do, so if you find it makes you more stressed, start small. Start with simple small meals and slowly build your skill and repertoire of recipes to choose from.

Lily Perez, junior nursing student, said she believes there are many benefits to meal prepping.

“The benefits of meal prepping as a student are helping you to stay organized and on top of your meals because as students we tend to skip meals a lot,” Perez said. “It also saves you time with cooking and making sure you get the right amount of nutrients you need for the day.”

Meal prepping is an efficient way for students to have access to healthier options over fast foods. While it requires the time to prepare, the payoff is worth the work. 

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