December 10, 2023

Additional study spots on the California Baptist University campus, including the Staples Room (James Building 107A) and Innovators Auditorium (Business Building 132), will now be available from Monday through Thursday from 8 p.m. – 1 a.m., according to an email issued by the Provost on March 9. In addition, the Annie Gabriel Library will now have extended hours and will remain open until 1 a.m. instead of closing at  8 p.m.

Tracy Ward, assistant provost for administration, said CBU’s pledge for student achievement prompted the growth in study locations.

“We believe that offering these spaces is an example of CBU’s commitment to creating conditions for success for students by giving them space to study together,” Ward said.

Ward also said it is still important to comply with COVID-19 protocols while using these new locations.

“Social distancing and wearing masks is expected in study areas,” Ward said. “There are also disinfectant wipes for student use and surfaces are cleaned following student use.”

Erin Anderson, senior nutrition major, said it is important to have a study spot with a comfortable environment.

“James Building has helped a lot with studying, as I need a quiet spot,” Anderson said. “It is nice to have open space and the perfect amount of quiet.”

Emily Ma, sophomore graphic design major, said she is excited to have alternatives to her living area.

“It is nice to have a larger variety of options to study in,” Ma said. “It helps me concentrate and get things done in a different environment than my dorm.”

More locations available for studying are expected to open next semester, due to the expected lessening of COVID-19 restrictions.

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