April 14, 2024

A rebooted spin-off of the popular Nickelodeon show “iCarly” was announced and is scheduled to premiere in 2021 on Paramount Plus.

On February 24, Paramount Plus hosted a virtual press day to showcase its new original content headed to homes in 2021 and 2022. One of the announcements featured was the news of the new spin-off series.

The streamer’s Twitter account tweeted simultaneously with the event.

“Great news for iCarly nation: a revival of the beloved Nickelodeon series is coming to #ParamountPlus in 2021.”

The new series is set to take place 10 years after the events of the series finale. It will follow popular characters Carly, Freddie and Spencer as they navigate their new lives.

Notably missing from the announcement were the stars from the original show, Jennette Mccurdy and Noah Munck. Both stars are not expected to return to the series.

In the sequel, Carly will have a new best friend played by actress Laci Mosley and Freddie will have a stepdaughter played by Jaidyn Triplett.

The new streamer also announced live-action versions of their beloved Nickelodeon shows “Rugrats,” “Fairly Odd Parents” and “Dora the Explorer.” Although no official date was set for these shows, they are expected to premiere in 2022.

ViacomCBS President and CEO Bob Bakish shared a statement about this new update on the series at the virtual press day.

“We’re excited to establish one global streaming brand in the broad-pay segment that will draw on the sheer breadth and depth of the ViacomCBS portfolio,” Bakish said.

While the original series has been off the air since 2012, the show has remained popular through social media and streaming platforms such as Netflix.

David Salas, junior political science major, spoke on the popularity of the show still today.

“I would argue that it is still incredibly relevant,” Salas said. “Internet jokes and meme culture still heavily include content from iCarly. I have especially seen this to be true on newer platforms like TikTok.”

While some see the current relevance of the show creating mass popularity, others seem not to care.

Breezy Adams, sophomore kinesiology major, shared her stance on the new series.

“I think it’s more of a nostalgia factor for people our age rather than relevant for today’s society,” Adams said. “I’ll probably watch it eventually but I don’t think I’ll be paying for Paramount Plus to watch it when it comes out right away.”

As Paramount Plus works to create interesting, relevant yet nostalgic content, they build excitement from fans across America and the world. “iCarly” will premiere on Paramount Plus later this year.

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