May 23, 2024

The California Baptist University Art Club recently held a ceramic workshop where students made stylized slab mugs. 

A slab mug is made from rolled-out clay that is wrapped in a circle and bound to itself using slip, or a highly diluted clay water mixture that acts like glue. The event was co-taught by artists Emma Limtiaco (@emmalimtiaco) and Emme Evans (@emme_art).

What exactly is the Art Club? According to its official mission statement, they strive to allow students to express themselves: “The mission of the Art Club is to provide students from all disciplines with a creative outlet and a space and place to gather and make things on campus.”

It appears that it has accomplished its goal with students engaging the art hype.

“I had been looking forward to this workshop for weeks,” said Keala Sheets, senior communication sciences and disorders major. “These events are the only occasion I can truly set aside time for artistic expression.”

In addition to the artistic outlet, students found a community of artistically engaging fun people.

“I loved the ceramic workshop and getting to meet new people with similar interests while seeing their creativity show,” said Katie Raasch, junior business administration major.

The environment that is created by good friends can be very therapeutic especially when mixed with art. This reality is noticed and commented on by students.

“It was very therapeutic and it took me back to high school when I started doing ceramics,” said Angelina Leyvas, senior interior design major. “I had a good time back then and I’m having a good time now.”

After all, Ecclesiastes 4:9 says that Two are better than one, because of a good return for their work. So, if one has artistic tendencies then they can be amplified through the community provided by the art club.

Furthermore, the personalities of this artistically conscious group are seen clearly in their creations. 

With Sheets making a pot that was man-shaped and thematically silly to plant her garlic bulb in” and Raasch making a pot for her plant with a leaf and vine design on it.

Between the fun opportunities to express oneself and the social aspect, members of the club encourage other students to get involved in the fun.

“I would highly recommend other students, artsy or not, to join the club, as it’s a very welcoming environment with lots of cool people to experience art with,” Sheets said. “Not too many realize that every passion is a form of artistic expression, not just paints and pencils. Not taking the time to invest in your art is an injustice for not only you but those around you. The art club helps me with that.”

Overall, students seem to enjoy the Art Club, whether it is for the community, the opportunity to learn a new skill or just the unadulterated chance to express themselves. Whatever the reason, if you are interested, then head over to @cbu_artclub on Instagram or find the club’s tent at the next Club Fair to learn how to get involved.

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