December 10, 2023

Until recently, there has been alumni art hung in the library for student enjoyment. However, many art majors and creators on campus make pieces daily, and their hard work deserves to be noticed. 

Robert Diaz, access service manager at Annie Gabriel Library, has been working on this project of getting current students’ art displayed for about three to four years because he believes the students’ art deserves to be shared.

“I think we have a lot of talented students, and I figured they would also want to participate in this project,” Diaz said.

Current students Emma Limtiaco, Skye Jimenez and Marisol Murillo are some of the many artists who have their work newly displayed in the library. 

Their artwork is hung on the first level of the library and are some of the first aspects of the room visitors see when they walk in. All were happily surprised to discover that their talents were being displayed for all to see.

Skye Jimenez, junior fine arts major and creator of her self-portrait, was shocked when she was told her art was displayed. Jimenez’s assignment was to create a self-portrait of herself by looking in the mirror. 

“I had no idea that this was happening, but I am happy that the library is appreciative of the art and allowed my art to be hung in the library,” Jimenez said.

Emma Limtiaco, senior fine arts major, was given a similar assignment to Jiminez’s and took on her own approach. Most of her pieces were created for class assignments, such as Drawing II. 

“As a creative twist, we were allowed to add a color-based element, and I chose a monarch butterfly because I was always drawn to them in my childhood,” said Limtiaco. 

“Butterflies are a symbol of hope and transformation, both themes I try to live by.”

Creating art is a personal task and incorporating yourself into the work is what makes it beautiful. With the new artwork on display, students can hopefully gain some inspiration while focusing on their assignments. 

Marisol Murillo, senior entrepreneurship and marketing major, believed similarly and hoped that students would learn to love themselves when looking at her art.

“During the time I created this piece of artwork I had the opportunity to meet amazing and very talented artists and never did I think I would be selected among so much real talent,” said senior entrepreneurship and marketing major Marisol Murillo. “I am honored and feel absolutely blessed.”

While each piece was not made with the intent to be displayed for all to see, each piece provides a sense of originality to the library’s atmosphere. 

The new art pieces will highlight the work of student artists across campus, including many art majors. 

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