October 1, 2023

CA mask mandate lifted

The California indoor mask mandate came to an end on Feb. 15 due to a drop in Omicron cases, which triggered the reimplementation of the mask mandate on Dec. 15. As of Feb. 14, test positivity had dropped 72% in California. However, local health officials can continue to issue requirements due to location differences and individual jurisdiction. Schools throughout the state are keeping the mask mandate until health officials have deemed it safe.

Russia threatens invasion

As of Feb. 17, Russia has added an additional 7,000 troops stationed at Ukraine’s border. The situation has escalated in the past few days with President Joe Biden saying that the U.S. will lead military actions and institute sanctions against Russia if President Vladimir Putin orders an invasion of Ukraine. Putin claims that he wants to avoid war, but he continues to insist that Ukraine should not join NATO and demand to relinquish Crimea. As of Feb. 15, diplomacy is still the end goal on all sides. Disputes on whether troops were truly  removed is a current object of debate between Russia, the United States, and Ukraine.

North High teacher fired

Riverside Unified School District (RUSD) announced that the John W. North High School teacher who went viral in October for mocking Native Americans was fired in early February. Shortly after the incident, the teacher was placed on paid leave, eventually transferring to unpaid leave while the investigation continued. RUSD voted 4-1 for the teacher’s termination. The announcement received favorable responses from local tribes and activists who have been protesting for removal since the initial event.

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