May 23, 2024

The Spring Job Expo held in Van Dyne Gym, is full of many different companies that are looking to hire students from CBU.

California Baptist University hosted a multitude of different employers for their Spring Career Expo on Feb. 16. Organized by the CBU Career Center, the job fair brought in many different local companies and organizations, all of whom were recruiting for different majors and positions.

“We get a lot of our summer staff from CBU, and they’re quality staff,” said Tom Raisbeck from Thousand Pines Christian Camps, one of the companies represented at the career fair. “They’re people you can trust are going to get the job done. They’re people who work hard and you don’t have to oversee them all the time. They’re quality people.”

The entire Van Dyne Gym at CBU was filled with employers, and many students were able to mingle with the different booths and evaluate the different opportunities. The CBU Career Center aided some students prior to the event, giving them help with their resumes and other preparatory materials.

“Our Career Center is so stellar, with the way they helped us with resumes, LinkedIn, everything,” said Joel Williams, business administration major. “This event is huge, they put on so many career fairs for the students and even for specific majors and fields of work. It’s just a great opportunity for everyone.”

The Spring Career Expo was open to all CBU students regardless of major or year. Some students remarked that they came to the event just to practice interviewing and networking in a professional setting.

“I feel like this a great opportunity for practice as well, just to practice meeting people,” said E.J. Arevalo, marketing management major.

Due to the labor shortage seen in the U.S. currently, many employers are looking to acquire talented and educated staff. Students at the career fair had opportunities to network with many different companies and see what jobs they were most qualified for.

“There’s a lot of employers here, a lot of people seriously looking to hire, which is super good,” Williams said.

The CBU Career Center gives students many opportunities to prepare themselves for the job market before graduation. 

In addition to the career fair, they offer mock interviews, resume reviews, LinkedIn workshops and other helpful resources. Many students remarked, however, that getting actual first-hand experience talking to employers is helpful.

“It’s been great getting experience talking to recruiters, giving my resume to people and just being the best person I can be,” said Luke Bell, marketing major.

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