May 23, 2024

In the age of technology, libraries have become what many would describe as obsolete. To combat these changing times, companies have begun to revolutionize their business models to adapt to these changing times. 

A new service, Book of the Month, allows subscribers to choose one or more of the five hand-picked titles every month, which is then delivered to their houses for perusal. The range of books offered ranges from mystery whodunits to creepy stories, to inspirational reads.

“I think it could be a cool idea,” said Kathryn Olsen, junior mechanical engineering major. “However, I think it should use some sort of algorithm to pick subsequent books similar to previous books you’ve liked. I’m also pretty picky about the books I read, so I’d be impressed if I could find a service that would supply new books that I find I enjoy for the most part.”

Hannah Scholljegerdes, junior mathematics major, likes the idea of expanding reading comfort zones and receiving the chance to explore genres one might not normally pick up.

“I love the idea Book of the Month has of introducing readers to genres they generally shy away from,” Scholljegerdes said. “I love that the books sent out every month are a combination of new, up-and-coming writers, newly released books and books that are currently popular on social media. 

“I don’t see myself signing up for Book of the Month anytime soon, but I do think it’s a wonderful way for subscribers to build up their personal library and expand their reading journey.”

Scholljegerdes said she is excited to see subscription services such as Book of the Month renew society’s focus on reading books.

“There is currently a surge in reading that had bled over into social media,” Scholljegerdes said. “It is so refreshing seeing people my age share their new favorite books and authors with the world. There are wonderful lessons to be learned from books. Books offer healing, wildest dreams and inspiration to anyone who opens them. My wish is for people to find joy in reading.”

Morgan Rither, adjunct professor of modern language and literature, is a self-proclaimed avid reader. She sees both advantages and disadvantages to book subscription services like Book of the Month.

“My only concern with these kinds of subscription boxes or in general is that it might just be a trend because I am sure there’s been other stuff that comes and gone by the wayside,” Rither said. 

“It might be maybe a bit too trendy and it might go away eventually. (However), it would allow me to also maybe read books that are a little outside of my comfort zone. This would help me get a little more variety than just browsing the general library or bookstore.”

Book of the Month’s rates starts at $15.99 per month, but with the promo code BEMINE entered at checkout at Book of the Month’s website, your first book will be $9.99. You can subscribe at

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