May 23, 2024

Where do you listen to your favorite songs? The two biggest musical streaming services are currently Apple Music and Spotify. If you have one or the other, then you probably have a strong opinion about why yours is better. If they both offer the same music, what makes one platform so much better than the other?

In the past, people would argue about music genre and the taste each had in music. Most of the time when you came across someone who was a fan of country music, they were shamed. However, now it is not only the type of music you listen to that can be judged but also the way you listen.

Sometimes, iPhone users use Apple Music and Android users prefer Spotify, but that might not always be the case. Alyssah Nevarez, senior political science major, explains why she prefers Spotify over Apple Music.

“As someone who enjoys the technicalities behind music, such as how it sounds, I like how the settings give the listener the option to adjust to the crossfade between songs, automix your songs (and adjust) the quality of the sound,” Nevarez said.

She also went on to explain the many benefits that justify why she utilizes Spotify. Spotify personalizes your music so that even on shuffle, it will play the songs it thinks you would like to hear. Spotify also gives its members an annual end-of-the-year “Spotify Wrapped” that sums up all their activity for the year.

“I also enjoy how Spotify finds ways to integrate pop culture into your experience with BuzzFeed-type quizzes to interact with that further (and) grasp your listening habits, and  (it) can produce new playlists or artists to find,” Nevarez said.

Both Apple Music and Spotify have benefits for students in college. While Apple Music cuts its monthly price in half, costing only $5 a month, Spotify bundles Hulu (with ads) and Showtime with their regular subscription for the same price.

Kaylie Verble, freshman biology major, prefers Apple Music over Spotify. When you listen to music a lot, you need to have a reliable service and know what is best for you. There are multiple reasons why, but she has one aspect she emphasizes the most.

“Apple Music allows me to choose a song that I already love and make it into a radio station just for me,” Verble said. “I then get to listen to new and old songs that Apple Music knows I’ll like.”

Apple Music and Spotify have many similarities as well. Both services allow you to create personalized playlists, like specific songs and create profiles just for you. Both will also provide you with nonstop listening, and no ads will interrupt your vibe.

Alan Martin from has a lot to say about Spotify, Apple Music and the battle they have unleashed on their followers. However, Martin concludes that it is ultimately up to personal preference.

“While Apple Music offers better sound quality and is brilliant for those fully invested in the Apple ecosystem, Spotify wins out in terms of connectivity and podcasts,” Martin said on the website. “The two offer impressively vast libraries, though Apple Music’s ability to expand on this via iCloud Music Library arguably gives it the edge there.”

Your best bet is to utilize a free trial of both services and see what works best for you. Each service will allow you to play the music you love. Ignore the haters and listen to what you want, where you want.

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