July 24, 2024

As the school year comes to an end, I’m experiencing a lot of “lasts.” This is my last opinion piece with The Banner. I know you all will be quite excited that there will no longer be polemical theological pieces in the back of the newspaper, and you can instead enjoy Emily’s diatribes against Chick-fil-a and do the crossword without having to read about the latest theological issue I decided to give my two cents on.

Putting jokes aside, I will truly miss writing for the Banner. I never planned on becoming involved with Lancer Media Group when I first came to CBU, but through a fortunate series of events I got to join one of the most rewarding student organizations on campus. 

I will forever be grateful for the opportunities I was given at The Banner to step outside my comfort zone, find my voice as a writer and work on the greatest college newspaper there is.

There are many people I would like to thank. Thank you to professors Sonya Singh and Mary Ann Pearson for taking a chance on a bored student-athlete with zero journalism experience; without your willingness to let me prove my abilities, I never would have become the writer I am today (though Dr. Pearson and Prof. Singh should absolutely not be faulted for the many idiosyncrasies and just plain awful writing that one can sometimes find in my work for The Banner).

Thank you to my editors, Kelly, Sofia, and Emily, for being patient with me and helping me learn how to become a sportswriter, sports editor, and managing editor. 

I would especially like to thank Emily, for inviting me to be her managing editor. It was a privilege to get to play a small (yet bigger than I ever expected) role in the production of The Banner as a member of her team, and I am grateful for her friendship, mentorship and patience as I have had to learn how to become an editor.

While many people may be confused by the passion and zeal with which me and my fellow LMG staff members work on our publications, I would invite anyone and everyone who is slightly interested in writing and journalism to join the staff (specifically The Banner, because no offense to Angelos, Pursuit, and CBU TV, but we all know that the Banner is the best publication in LMG). 

The joy of seeing a completed newspaper, with your name in the byline of several articles, is such an amazing feeling and I would hope that anyone who is interested would feel welcome to pursue a job with The Banner.

As a part of The Banner, I have been able to talk to so many different people at CBU about so many different topics, all as a part of an incredibly supportive and unique team. I have had to write stories about all manner of subjects, which has expanded my intellectual horizons. I never thought writing for the school paper would affect my life in so many great ways. 

My time with The Banner has been one of the most tiring, stressful, and rewarding things I have ever had the privilege of experiencing. It is with much fondness and great sadness that I say goodbye to my fellow staff members and to all of our readers. Thank you for listening to me and giving me a voice.

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