May 25, 2024

California Baptist University recently held an event called Iridescence: An Illustrated Journey. This is a new showcase to show off our talented illustration students and all the dedication they put into their work.

Candace Brabant, adjunct professor of illustration, is in charge of the digital portion of the illustration department and cares a lot about her students and getting their work seen.

“Although this particular showing is not an annual event, the illustration department does plan on having a showcase of student work annually in the coming years,” said Brabant.

So, even if you missed seeing our illustration students this time, you can look forward to seeing their work in the future. One of those hardworking students was Anne Sowers, sophomore illustration major.

“I hope to develop my artistic skill and creative eye by learning from my professors and their expertise,” Sowers said. 

“I also want to meet and build relationships with my fellow peers and continue to learn how to work collaboratively.”

The most important part of this showcase was expressed in the name. Iridescence describes the talent each student has. They shine, and their artwork is an example of that. This art show gives them the opportunity to show off their iridescent talent.

“It is so vital in the beginning stages of an illustrative journey to feel the support of others,” Brabant said. “They can become confident in the work they produce and reach higher for their goals.”

There are a lot of different ways to create an illustration project. You could draw it by hand, digitally draw it or paint it. It is the dedication and time that is put into each piece that makes each one unique. Alexandra Lobato, sophomore illustration major, is another one of the students who got to showcase their incredible artwork.

“I do a lot of digital art with a focus on fantasy themes,” Lobato said. “I love to build new worlds through my art and to fill it with lore and creatures of my own design. I also like to create works inspired by some of my favorite shows, games and books.”

With the rise of digital art, technology has grown and adapted to life and allows people to now draw and design on tablets and computers. 

Before, illustration consisted of a paper and a pencil, and now designers have an unlimited amount of tools at the touch of a finger. 

Evelyn Olmos, sophomore illustration major, is one of the students who utilizes the technology and designs digitally.

“The type of art that I make is on the digital aspect of art, so I’m often sitting down at my desk and working on a Wacom tablet, or on the go through iPad,” Olmos said.

There are so many incredible work opportunities that come from illustration. A few of these jobs are as follows: children’s and young adult illustration, comic book art, character and prop design and illustrated fabric design. 

This is only a small number of the job possibilities that you can obtain by majoring in illustration.

“It is widely misunderstood that illustration does not provide a financially stable future, which is false,” Brabant said. “In fact, there are so many options that, if one path doesn’t interest the artist, there are always a plethora of related jobs that can utilize their talents in similar ways.”

The illustration students at CBU will hopefully have great success in any illustration field they hope to pursue. Their talent and dedication are iridescent.

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