June 19, 2024

Utilizing a password is the most common form of authentication, especially for California Baptist University’s Lancermail. This semester, CBU has integrated a new multi-factor authentication (MFA) for Blackboard.

The MFA is currently enabled for all students and faculty that use Office365, Blackboard and other web-based applications.

Syracuse University’s information technology support, Aaron Starr, released an informational MFA article explaining the process of ensuring safety for web-based applications.

“MFA is an added verification step during authentication that helps to prevent the unauthorized use of NetIDs and passwords by ensuring that only the account owners themselves can access their account,” Starr said.

Starr proceeds to describe how the new MFL will initiate specific security within the login.

Now, as students log in to Blackboard, they are no longer able to access courses without using the MFA. This new aspect of the login process is leaving Lancers describing their frustrations over their understanding of CBU’s login process.

Nicholas Ramos, junior mechanical engineering major, explains his frustrations with the multi-step authentication.

“I can see why the idea of having students get authentication before using Blackboard has (risen),” Ramos said. “However, having to go through the process possibly multiple times a day is not practical.”

Jessica Morales, junior pre-nursing major, thinks the new process of logging in should not have many hurdles to bypass.

“As a student, I find it confusing having these added steps introduced into what used to be simple process,” Morales said. “We should be able to access our student accounts and our classes without so many hurdles to bypass.”

Sophia Skye, junior psychology major, thinks it is important to have a multi-factor security system as technology advances.

“I’m very fond of this new system,” Skye said. “Though the multi-factor may be an extra step to logging into Blackboard, I do appreciate the security and privacy of our accounts and steps that are being taken to ensure that for all students.”

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