June 13, 2024

Matt Olsen, junior health science major

Q: When did you start playing water polo?

“I started playing when my brother started playing. He was the one that got me into it. It was the year before high school — he was in high school (and) I wasn’t.”

Q: What made you want to play at the collegiate level?

“I always loved water polo. I got super into it when I did start playing. I had coaches early on that really invested in me, and their hard work paid off for me. I just knew I wanted to keep playing.”

Q: What drew you to CBU?

“I live like 10 minutes away, so that’s kind of nice. I get to stay at home and not pay for housing. My brother also came here too, so that was nice — being able to play on the same team as him again. We are a Division I team, a good team and ranked.”

Q: What major obstacles have you overcome in your athletic career?

“Last year I ended up getting an injury. Kind of early in the season, I got a concussion and that took me (out) for a couple of weeks. So being able to come back from that and re-cement my position as a starter (was important for me).”

Q: What has the game taught you?

“It has taught me a lot of things. It has taught me hard work for sure — the hardworking mentality you need.”

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