December 8, 2023

Lab-Grown Blood Transfusion

In England, scientists transfused small amounts of lab-grown blood into two volunteers without complications, according to NHS Blood and Transplant. The purpose of the trial is to study the lifespan of lab-grown cells compared to donated ones. Though still in the early stages of research, scientists are excited about the potential impact on the future of transfusions. Lab-grown blood could greatly improve treatment for patients with rare blood conditions or rare blood types.

Russia Retreats from Kherson

Russia announced on Nov. 11 its total withdrawal from Kherson, the only provincial capital it managed to capture during the war. With the announcement, Ukraine’s military worked quickly to ensure the city’s safety. Kherson’s population began receiving humanitarian aid, and the city started rebuilding to become livable again. Russia’s retreat marks an important step toward Ukraine’s freedom and is being cautiously celebrated by Ukraine and its supporters.

Intense Flu Season

Several hospitals in San Diego County were forced to erect overflow tents on Nov. 11 due to the sharp increase in flu cases, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune. Alongside flu and COVID-19, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), which can be deadly for infants and the elderly, is also on the rise. With the three illnesses raging all at once, hospitals are preparing for an incoming flood of patients, or, in San Diego’s case, reacting to them.

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