May 23, 2024

Netflix original “Outer Banks” (OBX) has provided viewers with a sweet summer feeling since April 2020. Endless treasure hunts, budding romance and sticky situations have brought us to season three of “OBX,” released on Feb. 23.

The third season starts right where the show left off. The pogues seem to be making do with their makeshift home on a deserted island. However, Poguelandia is shortlived as viewers are rapidly launched into the next adventure.

The newest installment of “OBX” has action-packed and shocking scenes. Each character seemed to have at least one moment where they were involved in a fight scene or some type of gunfire.

These stressful situations were bonding agents for all characters as they navigated their way out of trouble. Characters that seemed to be on more of the back burner were launched to the forefront this season as they relied on each other for survival.

Action scenes definitely took a step up from previous seasons. The new antagonist, Carlos Singh (Andy McQueen), brought a much more serious energy to the series. His threats were almost always carried out and not to be taken lightly. Singh’s ominous presence set the tone for how the infamous gang of pogues followed through on their plans.

The return of John B’s father, Big John Rutledge, played by Charles Halford, led to a new breed of problems. His incessant need to find the treasure puts unnecessary tension between the main characters. The uncomfortable John B. is torn between his father and his friends on multiple occasions. Without Netflix introducing this dynamic, the show would have ventured into the kitschy Disney Channel realm. I am glad they created tension and misunderstanding because it is something you would expect after a teenager is away from their father for so long.

Of course, the typical feud between kooks and pogues is expected, but the monotonous rebuttal of “You’re just a kook!” has gotten old. As romantic controversy arose throughout the season, the instant response to trouble in paradise was the social standings of the other being either a pogue or a kook. With such a dragged-out response, I easily became annoyed with the characters’ romantic lives to the point where I was begging for them to kiss and makeup, all for the sake of not hearing the pathetic classist argument another time.

Other than the dramatic teen romance motifs, this season opened up the world of adventure as the gang and their enemies searched for the secret city of El Dorado. After wins, losses and an emotional rollercoaster, OBX was set up for their next adventure by the end of the final episode. Since the series has been renewed for a fourth season, there is no knowing what to expect from John B., played by Chase Stokes, and his band of misfits.

4 out of 5 stars.

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