May 23, 2024

Israel and Hamas

Israel and Hamas are currently locked in a brutal battle that has lasted for weeks. According to ABC News, the conflict was initiated by Hamas on Oct. 7, when the terrorist group launched a surprise attack on Israel. Israeli officials have confirmed that more than 1,400 were killed in the attack, and 4,500 were injured. Israel Defense Forces (IDF) called for citizens of Gaza to evacuate, signaling the start of a larger conflict. The IDF released a statement confirming that they plan to retaliate and have already killed more than 70 Hamas members during air raids. The IDF stated 222 citizens were taken hostage, including 20 that were under 18. Those who have not fled the country continue to seek shelter. 

House Speaker Ousted

For the first time in history, the Speaker of the House of Representatives was voted out of his position. On Oct. 3, the House reached a final vote of 216-210, with 208 Democrats and 8 Republicans in favor of the “motion to vacate” House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. CBS News stated that McCarthy was accused of making a secret deal with President Joe Biden to pass a funding bill before an impending government lockdown. Republicans are still in the process of deciding on a replacement for the vacant position. According to the Washington Post, Republican politician Patrick McHenry has become the active speaker of the House of Representatives. Nine candidates announced they will run for office.

Riverside Deputy Shot

A Riverside County deputy was sent to the hospital on Oct. 18 after being shot by a suspected felon. According to the L.A. Times, the attack took place in Thousand Palms, where officers were investigating a hit-and-run case. The Riverside County Sheriff’s Office stated that when the officers attempted to investigate a suspect’s car, someone in the passenger seat opened fire, hitting an officer in the stomach. The suspects were detained and the officer was hospitalized. The Desert Sun reported that the two suspects, Jose Eduardo Rosales Perez and Kristian Galeana, were charged with attempted murder.

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