June 16, 2024

The sounds of guitars, drums and harmonious voices filled Lancer Plaza on Nov. 9 as bands went head-to-head in a competition to win CBU’s annual Battle of the Bands. 

The musicians at CBU created a fun-filled night by playing songs from multiple genres and the audience voted for their favorite band at the end of the night. 

Noel Chambers, senior Christian studies major, was in the band titled Say Less. Along with the rest of his bandmates, he sang and rapped gospel songs and throwback songs. The songs ranged from “Melodies from Heaven” to “Dance the Night” by Dua Lipa.

To prepare for the event, they rehearsed twice a week leading up to the performance and had a few late-night rehearsals. The amount of practice the bands had evidently paid off with how lively and energetic the show was. 

“It was super fun and super freeing,” Chambers said. “We had a very big blast just seeing everyone smile and have fun. We even had people who were in the front dancing.”

Each seat at the Battle of the Bands was filled by students and parents and others crowded around Lancer Plaza to watch the show. A group of students in front of the stage danced with energy to the songs performed.

Annette Gangler, sophomore biology major, said she loves going to events with live music.Battle of the Bands offered the perfect opportunity to experience this, and she attended with some of her friends.

“I really love how all the bands have such a connection and they’re just having fun up there,” Gangler said. “I love hearing the music and their little twist on it.” 

Although the bands performed well-known songs, the unique flair of each band transformed the songs into something that represented their personal style of music. Many sang along to the lyrics and enjoyed the different takes on popular songs.

Kenny Newhart, sophomore elementary education major, said he enjoys attending the events put on by CBU’s music program to show support to fellow students.

“I’m having the best time ever. I would absolutely recommend this event, mostly because the energy is just so good here,” Newhart explained. “Everyone’s having a great time. It’s so cool and the people are so talented, so you should come support them.”

Although Battle of the Bands is an annual event, there was a bigger turnout this year compared to previous years.

“I think CBU really supported it this year,” said Chambers. “Last year, there weren’t that many people. I remember there being  like 15-20 people in the seats, but this year there was filled seats, and people were sitting around the plaza.”

 As the event gains popularity, CBU music students tangibly can feel the support.

“I felt really supported by CBU this year. The music program has helped me to build a lot of confidence in my talents,” Chambers said. 

At the end of the night, students voted for their favorite band. The winners announced were Fickle and Friends.

“It’s a good way to get to know more of the music students at CBU,” Gangler said. “By coming to these events, you can really appreciate how much hard work they’re putting into what they want to do in the future.”

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