July 24, 2024

Soldiers killed in aircraft accident

Following a military aircraft accident over the Mediterranean, five US soldiers were confirmed dead on Nov. 10. The U.S. Department of Defense reported they were conducting a routine mission when they experienced an emergency and crashed into the ocean. AP News reported that the mission was a helicopter refueling training. The government has not yet confirmed the cause of the malfunction.   

Tustin hangar fire reignites

A hangar in Tustin has caught on fire for the second time since the original fire on Nov. 7. According to the LA Times, the city began working towards abatement until the hangar caught on fire on Nov. 11. Tustin Police Lt. Ryan Coe told the LA Times that waiting is the best option in case the fire lasts longer or ignites again. According to the Times, asbestos and other toxic substances were released into the air following the fires. As of Nov. 13, all school districts in Tustin are currently shut down. 

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