June 13, 2024

Gas leak at UC Riverside

An employee at the University of California, Riverside was affected after being exposed to an abnormal amount of natural gas. According to the Daily Bulletin, the worker discovered the buildup of gas on Feb. 23, after opening the door to an unused laboratory. The Riverside Fire Department attributed the incident to a small gas leak and the accumulation of odors. According to the Daily Bulletin, the employee was not hospitalized, and the 60-year-old building will receive a full renovation.

Newsom faces second recall

Gov. Gavin Newsom faces another potentail recall after political committee Rescue California put forward a petition on Feb. 26 to take the governor out of office. According to CalMatters, the petition primarily stems from dissatisfaction over Newsom’s funding choices, which allegedly contributed to increased crime and veteran homelessness rates. CalMatters reported that this petition is required to amass 1.3 million signatures from California voters, as opposed to the 1.75 million required during the 2021 recall.

Government shutdown

President Joe Biden held a meeting on Feb. 27 to discuss an impending shutdown. According to NBC News, the meeting, held with the four top congressional leaders, discussed a number of issues, including spending on overseas aid. The departments of Agriculture, Energy, House and Urban Development, Transportation, and Veterans Affairs, are funded through on March 1. NBC News stated that conflict between the Republican and Democratic parties led to delays in approval of spending bills, meaning these departments may cease operations. 

Migrants stranded at bus stop

Over a hundred migrants found themselves without shelter on Feb. 23 after being dropped off at a bus stop instead of a reception center. According to NBC, the bus dropped them off near an office park in San Diego after learning the reception center had run out of funding. According to NBC, passengers had difficulty communicating with volunteers, causing them to disperse into nearby neighborhoods. Cabs offered the migrants transportation at double the normal cost. Funding for the reception center is currently paused, and aid groups are working to step in.

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