April 12, 2024

The time has come to register for classes. Students are seeking advise, degree guides are reviewed and schedules are created.

Registering for classes can be stressful for some students at California Baptist University. Major requirement courses are closed, classes are offered at the same time and conflict with each other and the dreaded 7 a.m. class might become a reality in next semester’s schedule.

CBU offers many interesting classes. And there are certain classes that tend to fill and reach the “closed” status very quickly. Many times, these classes can only be taken as a senior or if you have the lucky advantage of being in the School of Music or an athlete.

Here are the most recent top seven classes that CBU students strive to get into:

CST104 Special Studies in Christian Ministries – Foundations for Lasting Relationships:

A new class, Foundations for Lasting Relationships, is a lower division course that teaches students 12 relationship principles to create and maintain lasting relationships. The class provides a biblical foundation for relationships and equips students with tools to enhance their communication skills. The course will complete one unit of the general education requirement for Christian Studies.

PHI353 Comparative Religions:

Comparative Religions is a widely celebrated class. This course educates students on other religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The class is three units and fulfills philosophy requirements for general education as well as major requirements for philosophy majors. Comparative Religions is also recognized as fulfilling interdisciplinary and multicultural requirements. The course is offered both fall and spring semesters, so if there is no chance of getting into the class this spring semester, no fear, many chances are still available.

HIS402 Special Topics in Non-U.S. History: History of Chocolate: Bitter and Sweet

Most students are unaware that CBU offers a course in chocolate. History of Chocolate fulfills the non-U.S. history requirement for general education courses. This class educates the students on chocolate, its history and various types of chocolate. Students learn while also feeding their sweet tooth.

CBS303 Marriage and Family in the Christian Community:

Marriage and Family is a much anticipated class. The Christian university slogan, “ring by spring” may add to such antic- ipation. The course is a Christian Behavioral Science class and teaches on marriage in a biblical world view as compared to the Western culture. The course is designed to address topics such as finances, sexuality and parenting. Marriage and Family is offered in both the spring and fall and completes the Interdisciplinary requirement.

ENG353 Children’s Lit:

A requirement for liberal studies majors, Children’s Lit is an introduction to the vast subject of children’s literature. Whenever offered, the course fills very fast. Make sure to talk to a counselor in the Office of Enrollment Advising to know if you must take it and when it is offered.

CST130 New Testament Survey:

One of the most sought after general education requirements, New Testament Survey is offered both the fall and spring of each year. Providing an overview of the New Testament, the class concentrates on the life of Jesus and the early church. This would fulfill three units of the Christian Studies general education requirement and also doubles as a multicultural fulfillment.

CST110 Old Testament Survey:

Another greatly desired class, Old Testament Survey is another Christian Studies course that is taken by many CBU students. Offered both fall and spring, the class is an overview of the Old Testament, emphasizing life in ancient Israel. The course also fulfills multicultural requirements.

Registration for the spring 2010 semester is now currently underway. Check insidecbu.calbaptist.edu for the date in which different classes are able to register.

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