April 20, 2024

Michael Sampson--Mike MacNeil jumps to block a Pepperdine kill.

After a loss last season to the national champions, California Baptist University (CBU) Lancers, Pepperdine University’s men’s volleyball team came back thirsty for a win to restore their honor and accomplished exactly that on Nov. 10. The CBU Lancers lost 25-21 in the fifth set.

Because the game was a scrimmage, the men played to 25 points for every set. If it had not been a scrimmage they would have played to 30 in the first four sets and to 15 for the last set.

The Pepperdine Wave started the match off showing exactly what their intentions were, winning 25-22 in a rally against the Lancers. The second set however, was a different story. Although it was still a rally, CBU came back to win 25-22.

Coming back to win the third set, the Pepperdine Wave was now ahead two to one. The Lancers began to look tired due to the final 10 point difference on the board. However, in the fourth set they turned it around, winning 25-19.

Now tied, both sides were getting antsy. CBU fans were cheering loud and proud, all waiting for another victory against the Wave. Unfortunately for the Lancer’s pride and the rowdy fans, Pepperdine finished the match in the fifth set with a 25-21 lead.

Levi Cabral led the Lancers with 24 kills during the match, Mike MacNeill had four aces and Garet Kreutziger had the most blocks for the Lancers with five. All of the Lancers played like champions, some even tried to get the crowd moving while they were on the court.

Although the regular season does not start until the beginning of January, the men’s volleyball team has several scrimmages against elite universities throughout November and December. This was the first of the scrimmages but it has prepared the men for what’s to come.

Coach McGuyre explained that the men had at least two starters who did not play, but thinks that by January the team will be ready for the regular season. With all of their players out and plenty of non-season competition the team will be well prepared.

The CBU men’s volleyball team is also playing an exhibition game against the University of Moscow on Dec. 2 at 7 p.m.

“It should be a very exciting match with one of the top volleyball programs from each country going head to head,” McGuyre said.