April 14, 2024

Haley Helfer--Brenna Hahn balances being an RA while being a guard on the court.

Haley Helfer--Brenna Hahn balances being an RA while being a guard on the court.

Brenna Hahn is not just a basketball player; she is a leader, friend, student, disciple and aspiring truck driver. Hahn is a senior guard for the California Baptist University women’s basketball team but it is apparent that she is concerned with much more than basketball.

Not only is she the team’s leading scorer, but she is also a leader around campus, as she is a Residant Assistant for Simmons Hall.

Juggling her time between the two jobs is difficult, as both require an immense time commitment as well as a personal and spiritual commitment.

Hahn is up for the task though, she said, “I had some great RA’s who had a big impact on where I am now, spiritually, and I knew I wanted to do that for other girls.”

However, it has not been all about her affecting the girls on her hall this year. It has worked both ways.

“I love being an RA, it is a huge stress relief for me. My girls have been such a blessing to me this year,” Hahn said.

Stress relief is important for Hahn, as the time she puts into basketball and being an RA leaves little time for homework, sleep and the other necessities of life. Homework is no easy task; she is a math major who hopes to rid the world of bad math teachers.

Her ultimate career goal is to become a teacher and a coach, however she had the uncommon childhood dream of being a truck driver. Growing up in Utah, there were trucks and truck drivers all around. However, it was one truck in particular that piqued her interest in the profession.

Hahn described one of her relatives who had, “the coolest semi ever. It had a big bunk bed in the cabin, a tv, mini fridge, microwave and he traveled with his dog.”

While other kids said they wanted to be athletes or astronauts, Hahn was the lone student with aspirations of driving semis.

This sense of individuality has followed her throughout her life, and will continue now as she approaches her college graduation in just a few months.

Another uncommon thing about Hahn is her favorite movie, the recent animated film “How to Train Your Dragon.” This is her favorite because of the underlying theme.

“I love the message that it is okay to go against what is common. That there is nothing wrong with being different, if it is for what you believe in,” Hahn said.

She likened the theme to her experience as a Christian in Utah. She had faith in her convictions and she followed them all the way to CBU.

“I love CBU because of all of the opportunities for ministry and I love that I can walk around and see people with guitars out worshiping the Lord, or at a table doing a bible study,” Hahn said.

She may be known for her sweet shot from beyond the arc, or for winning free Chik-Fil-A for the girls at this years Midnight Madness, but with her responsibilities as an RA, her commitment to being a student and her commitment to the Lord, Brenna Hahn is so much more than that.