June 25, 2024

Michael Sampson--Chris Richey embodies the fashionable "geek."

Michael Sampson--Chris Richey embodies the fashionable "geek."

The trend of looking and acting the geek has slowly become a part of our culture. College students most notably show a quick response to hopping on the bandwagon.

There once was time when being known as a geek and wearing dark framed glasses, button-up shirts and attending a computer club meeting were looked upon as the odd activity to partake in. Now, being geek is the new cool because its role in society has taken a total turn.

Many things could have sparked the rise in popularity. These instances could be due to the technological breakthroughs as well as the phases of recycled fashion statements. With media influence of shows like “The Big Bang Theory,” Geek culture shows no real signs of stepping down anytime soon.

Wearing a plaid button up shirt along with a sweater vest made its way onto the fashion scene for men. Looking the part has become a huge part of geek culture.

Non-prescription glasses are one of the most notably easy ways to look the part. Many college students who have 20/20 vision own a pair of non-prescription glasses since these are so easily accessible. With that said, the days of being called four-eyes are over.

When it comes to owning a pair of non-prescription glasses, the style matters very much. The bigger the frames are, the more fashionable it is. When it comes to the frame color, a classic black frame does the job as well. Many students see this style as a fashion staple.

“I think clothing should have a function,” freshman Matt Vecchio said. “But then again, people have the right to choose their own clothes. I like the professional look. I think it is very classy.”

People who grew up wearing prescription glasses may find the trend odd at times. These people who were once made fun of in grade school are now being praised for something they have done all along.

Though the clothing is a huge part of geek culture, being enhanced in the technological side of culture is the icing on the cake.

To be fully socially aware of what is going on, having a Facebook account is not enough. Keeping up with others socially depends on blogs as well.

Having the latest technology at hand is also an indicator that you may be part of the in-crowd in geek culture. Carrying around an iPhone can show that you are on the cutting edge of cool. Owning a Macbook and/or an iPad does not hurt to have as well.

Though being computer savvy used to be considered awkward, many may find that it is something to take pride in. According to dictionary.com, its first listed definition is being a computer expert or enthusiast as well as something that people self-reference in a prideful manner.

With the technological push of the iPhone and many other technologies, there is no doubt that the image of geek culture has not only become increasingly popular, it affects everything from fashion to living a popular lifestyle. Only time will tell where it progresses next.

“Because of the age of where we are at and learning everything, it is not a matter of fact that it is an option. You have get the technology today, and most people do. They either have a super cool phone or some sort of high tech computer,” freshman Mike Lennertz said.