June 19, 2024

Located in the heart of Riverside, Sevilla Bar and Grill serves a touch of elegance with a taste of Spain.

Started as Tapas Bar in 1987, it grew as a popular location and later changed its name to Sevilla. The first restaurant was opened in San Diego and then opened locations in Riverside and Long Beach.

The restaurant has an outdoor Spanish feel to it. There are Spanish conquistador decorations throughout the restaurant. Decorations such as a knight’s armor, Spanish inspired flags and large paintings surround the dining area. There is also a live lobster tank near the entrance of the restaurant.

Opened in 2000, the Riverside location has a Bar Grill and a night club. Spanish-based dancing and flamenco dance shows are performed. The general manager, Erin Van Den Haute, who later became the CEO of the company, introduced many new concepts to the restaurant. He introduced the night club aspect to the popular restaurant, giving customers a chance to dine and dance in the same location.

“The restaurant is expensive for an average college student but if you are smart on what you order, it can be very affordable,” hostess Megan Ramirez said. “Tapas are the way to go. Tapas are small appetizers that a great to share with another person. There is a variety of flavors that will stimulate your taste buds.”

Tapas can run from about six dollars to about 12 and they are categorized in how many bites the portion is.

“One of the most popular dishes served at Sevilla would be the Sea Food Crab plate,” Ramirez said.

Sevilla has a special ingredient that is imbedded within most of the foods. Saffron is extremely expensive according to server, Jessica Vandenhaute.

“The ingredient is found within a flower and is hand-picked. No machine can extract this rare spice,” Vandenhaute said. “The spice is more valuable in weight than gold.”

There is also a variety of food for vegetarians.

“Many of the foods that we carry do not have any meat products in them, yet are still delicious,” Vandenhaute said.

This is a perfect alternative for people who are on special diets.

Sevilla is located in the Mission Inn, a California hot spot attracting visitors from all over the world. Because of this, the restaurant receives many famous visitors.

“We had the Mr. Clean guy come in and also Robert Rey, better known as Dr. 90210,” Ramirez said.

Sevilla is not only a restaurant. Sevilla has a night club right next to the restaurant. There is live dancing that takes place next door. Also flamenco dancing is performed there as well.

The restaurant is open seven days a week. Its doors open at 4:30 p.m. Mon. through Sat. and 10 a.m. on Sun and close at 11 p.m. Sun. through Thurs. and 1 a.m. Fri. and Sat. It is located on Mission Blvd. right underneath the 91 freeway.