July 25, 2024
Riley Hagel--Joel Pulliam and Andrew Twitty proudly show off what God has graced them with: facial hair.

A suit and a tie with a clean shaven face – Febru-hairy changed this common sight.

February is a month dedicated to the growing of the beard and hair even the men of California Baptist University add to this tradition.

At the start of February the UP men are told to give the face a good close shave and put the razor away.

“Just grow it” Ian Price, resident director of UP, said. “What we are planning on doing is to start with Febru-hairy and move into mustache March” Price said.

The men’s box will have a barbecue and fellowship backyard on Feb. 28. “This is a campus wide event for men only, outsiders of UP are welcome to come” Price said.

“Febru-hairy is an event for the UP men that will include contests for best of show from face, back, chest, dirtiest, patchiest and most creative growths,” Christopher Powers said.

Powers and Alvin-Jay Lacuesta, RA’s in UP, are the event organizers. Powers further advised how best to win these contests.

“Come with whatever you have, shave your chest hair in a cross pattern, do some kind of fun design with your back hair, some handle bars, a mustache, or grow some braids out of your goatee,” Powers said.

Powers thought hosting Febru- hairy would entertain the men of UP.

“[It’s] something fun and different for the men to do; just hanging out and it’s going to be wild,” Powers said.

Some of the mustaches men can grow are the Fo Man Chu, Hungarian and Handlebar. Beard styles can range from Three Musketeers a.k.a. Chin Puff, Van Dyke, Hollywoodian and Chin Strap. Other facial hair can be grown as Mutten Chops or just freestyle. These are a few ways that men in UP during Febru-hairy will grow their beards for the contest event being held in the UP men’s box.

“Is there any other time in our lives when men can grow their hair. Going into careers there is not much freedom to be creative with the beard or mustache,” Price said. “It is one of those old school iconic themes of guys realizing it may be goofy but I can grow a beard and have fun doing it.”

For the more serious-minded, men all over the nation hold hairy annual events for charity fundraising. UP is holding this event to draw the community of men together in fellowship to emphasize the UP theme verse Psalms 133:1 “How great it is when brothers dwell in unity.”

Untamed or trimmed beards and mustaches have adorned men’s faces all over the world since creation and despite Gillette’s best efforts are not about to disappear any time soon. If you need an excuse Febru-hairy provides the perfect opportunity to join the whiskered – and coming soon is mustache March.

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