July 25, 2024
Bryan Jarboe--Make it a habit to turn cellphones on silent when in class.

Cell phones are a device that nearly every college student keeps in their pockets, or more often than not, next to their ears talking with friends, family, or classmates. There is proper etiquette as to when and where students should take calls.

To begin with, it is common practice that personal cell phones are placed on the “silent” mode while in class. Here are a few other places where it is polite to keep phones silent:

– movie theaters
– plays
– office or most other professional work settings
– the DMV
– the court room
– church
– libraries

The exception to this rule would be work cell phones. This also depends on what kind of job requires a cell phone that needs to be on at all times. However, if a phone does need to be answered, it is always best to walk out of the room in order to find a quiet area where the phone call can be taken privately.

Texting is another grey area. Texting has become an instant mode of communication from one person to another because it provides immediate, though informal, conversation. Most people do not realize that texting in certain situations comes across as rude. Situations where texting would be rude would be:

– while working
– in class
– on a date

Texting can also be considered dangerous while performing these activities:

– driving
– walking, especially when crossing a street
– biking
– using a skateboard
– walking up or down stairs

Essentially, cell phone etiquette should be considered common sense. Although it would be hard to break bad cell phone habits here are some tips to break these habits and to show that it is not absolutely necessary to have a cell phone within arm’s reach:

– go to one class without a cell phone
– turn cell phones off when doing homework or while at work
– try having a meal without a cell phone
– turn cell phones off when going to sleep

Hopefully this how-to was helpful, informative, and maybe slightly life-changing. If there is something that you would like to know how-to, then send an email to ajlacuesta@cbubanner.com

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