July 25, 2024

Valentine’s Day creates many images; holding hands with someone you love or simply spending the day with them tends to capture imagination. But what about those students at California Baptist University whose significant others live abroad?

Well, for all the love struck Lancers out there whose special someone doesn’t live on campus, there are several things you can do to make sure that person feels loved come Feb. 14.

First off is communication, a key part in any long-distance relationship.

“My girlfriend lives about 30 miles from here, in Pomona, and I visit her quite often” freshman Spencer Carpenter said. “I use Skype, my cell phone, pretty much everything to talk to her when we’re apart.”

Whether it’s just talking about your day or making plans to meet up later, talking to a long distance partner and keeping up constant communication with them lets them know you care and often think about them during the day. Reassurance of dedication is a blessing when you sometimes can’t decipher exactly what emotions someone is conveying through text: oftentimes just hearing that someone’s voice can be reassuring.

Another thing that can be useful are small gifts of affection. Surprise her (or him) with a bouquet of roses ordered online, or maybe simply a handmade card. Personalizing gifts is often the most thoughtful thing you can do. Is she an artist? Scan her work, print it out, and use it as wrapping paper for a gift. Is he really into a band? Buy one of their CD’s and send it to him with tickets to go see them for both of you inside the cover. Anything to tailor the gift to them and say “I care” will make it mean the world to them.

However, nothing beats actually being with that someone and taking time to see them (especially on Valentine’s Day) lets them know you care.

“I’m going to go see [my girlfriend] on Valentine’s Day,” Carpenter said. “We’re going to make a pizza and go to the drive-in movies.”

So whether your love lives 200 blocks away or 200 miles away, make sure to take the time to let that someone know they’re important to you. After all, what would Valentine’s Day be without affection and what better than to get affection that day from you?

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