May 23, 2024
Nichelle Truelove--Girls' night in can be an alternative for some while single.

Often nicknamed “Singles’ Awareness Day,” Valentines’ Day has the potential to bring out unpleasant moods in the single community.

Some women will spend the evening alone reflecting on their inevitable futures as old cat ladies. They will distract themselves from the unbearable loneliness by choosing names for the 26 cats they will one day hoard.

While some women wait hopefully for a Valentine, many want nothing to do with the holiday that MSNBC reports will bring retailers $13.7 billion in 2011. For these women, Feb. 14 is a carefree, cat-free independence day.

Despite the masses disenchanted by Valentine’s, with a little strategizing, a Feb. 14 spent single can rival a Feb. 14 spent with a date.

Whether Valentine’s Day opposition roots from pride, frugality or a fear of loneliness, women can still have a fun evening celebrating friendship and singleness.

The first step to a successful singles’ night is finding other singles. Larger groups may be preferable to smaller groups because the conversation is less likely to veer towards serious topics like “a ring by spring” or cat hoarding.

Once a group is formed, make a plan. Having too many planners could lead to so much indecision that the event never happens. One or two people should plan and get the word out through a Facebook event or, for the more creative types, handmade invitations. Sometimes it is good to invite people multiple times if they decline hesitantly.

For those on a budget, start the night with a group dinner at the Caf or get to-go meals from Brisco’s and meet at someone’s apartment. Have everyone chip in a couple dollars to rent a movie and buy a pint or two of ice cream.

If that sounds too tame, mix it up. Stir random ingredients like milk, ketchup, orange juice and food leftovers together in small cups. Have a competition to see who can finish their glass first. Be aware of competitors’ food allergies.

Follow up with capture the flag on the front lawn. Differentiate between the two teams by handing out glow bracelets. Michael’s sells containers of glow bracelets for about one dollar.

If drinking ketchup and wearing plastic jewelry is unappealing, women can go for a more elegant option. Pull out the dresses and heels and head out to Old Spaghetti Factory. Finish the night off with dessert at Casey’s Cupcakes near the Mission Inn.

Groups looking for a little more spice should make it a multicultural night. Start with a Bollywood movie at Naz 8 Cinemas in Artesia. All films are shown with English subtitles. After the movie, try dinner at Korean BBQ House on Magnolia Ave.

If none of the options above sound appealing and being around people sounds unpleasant, several unnamed cats can be found lurking between the library and the theater.

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